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Hamilton Versus Jefferson

             Jeffersonian Concept of the United States.
             Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson both had concepts that were accurate towards the long-range view of the United States. But it seems that Jeffersonian or Anti-Federalists concepts of the United States is the one that lasted in the long run even though some of the Hamiltonian ideas stayed intact. Jefferson believed in rule by the informed masses. Basically, he believed in having a democracy, which is what we have today but it is a republic democracy. All of the citizens of the United States are represented by elected officials. Jefferson also thought that universal education & voting was open to the masses but universal education came before universal voting. Today, everyone in the U.S. has the right to and education and citizens are allowed to vote at the age of 18. Jefferson was in favor of having strong relations with the French. This helped the U.S. out in the long-term because the acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase was the acquisition of the richest river valley in the world. It increased the size of our country and a lot of out economy today is from that area. Also, Jefferson believed in freedom of speech and press. Today, many people use that 1st amendment right to voice their opinions on certain matters. Freedom of speech has also caused many changes in our laws in the U.S.
             The U.S. now has also had some concepts by Hamiltonians or Federalists. Hamilton believed that political power should go to the federal government. The federal government has the power to propose and make laws and also to enforce the constitution. Hamilton also believed in a strong navy. We have a strong navy as well as an army to protect us from some foreign affairs and to protect shipping and commerce. Hamilton proposed that there should be tariffs on certain things. Many things in the U.S. have a tax on it these days to help pay for some debts. Also, Hamilton believed that there should be a loose interpretation of the constitution.

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