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Hamlet Character Analysis

            Hamlet is one of, if not, the most complex character Shakespeare had ever created. The character of Hamlet goes through several psychological changes throughout the course of the play, Hamlet. Seemingly going through mental torment and psychological trials and tribulations, to uncover the truth of his father's death. .
             Such genius is Hamlet; others in the play truly believe he is mad. By creating this facade of insanity he was able to distract those around him and concentrate on finding out whether or not Claudius murdered his father. He convinced his mother (Gertrude) and Polonius that he was mad toward the fair Ophelia, mad for her love. While Rosencrantz and Guildenstern don't know what to make of his mental state, when they report back to Claudius. But Claudius is never convinced his madness was driven by love and makes plans to send Hamlet to England. .
             While creating a new character for himself Hamlet does come out of the spell of madness during his soliloquies. When he tells us, the audience of his intentions and of his thoughts: .
             I"ll have these players .
             Play something like the murder of my father .
             Before mine uncle. I"ll observe his looks; .
             I"ll tent him to the quick. If he do not blench, .
             I know my course .
             The play's the thing .
             Wherein I"ll catch the conscience of the King. (2.2.623-634).
             This is said after he has spoken with the players about adapting a few of his own lines to the play of, The Murder of Gonzago. So Hamlet can determine whether Claudius is guilty of King Hamlet's death, by creating "The Mousetrap" for Claudius to see what reaction he will have once the play is performed. During the play Claudius leaves abruptly, leaving Hamlet to believe the ghost was correct and not the devil, that Claudius did in fact murder his father.
             After the play Hamlet gives another soliloquy before seeing his mother, when he sees Claudius in kneeling. Though not alone on stage Hamlet is only speaking to us, of the thoughts of his actions, while he contemplates whether or not to take Claudius's life while in prayer: .

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