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             Sociology is the scientific study of human social relations or group life. Other disciplines within the social sciences including economics, political science, anthropology, and psychology are also concerned with topics that fall within the scope of human society. Sociologists examine the ways in which social structures and institutions such as class, family, community, power and social problems such as crime and abuse influence society.
             The concept of race which is a group with inherited physical characteristics that distinguish it from another group is a reality. Humans indeed, come in a variety of colors and shapes. In another sense, however race is a myth, a fabrication of the human mind. The first fabrication is the idea that any race is superior to others. All races have their geniuses and their idiots. As with language, no race is superior to another. The second myth is that "pure" races exist. Humans show a mixture of physical characteristics in skin, color, hair texture, nose shape, head shape, eye color, and etc. that there are no "pure" races. Instead of falling into distinct types that are clearly separate from one another, human characteristics flow endlessly together. Although large group of people can be classified by blood type, even these classifications do not uncover "race". Rather, they are so arbitrary that biologists and anthropologists cannot even agree on how many races there are. Over 3 million people of mixed racial parentage live in the United States, but here a more rigid racial categorization exists. The idea of race, of course is far from a myth. Firmly embedded in our culture, it is a powerful force in our everyday lives. That no race is superior and that even experts cannot decide how people should be biologically classified into races is not what counts. People act on beliefs, not facts. While, few people hold such extreme views, most people appear to be ethnocentric enough to believe, that their own race is superior to others.

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