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Emily Bronte Response

             When I thought of Emily Bronte I thought of Emily Dickinson. Their work may not be similar but their personalities seemed alike. They are both very private people with secluded lifestyles. In a way they both hid themselves from the world too. Emily Bronte wouldn't reveal what her real name was on the novel. This was for publication purposes but it seemed liked hiding. Emily Dickinson's work was never published till after she passed on. Neither one of these women were able to see the amazing response to their work. .
             Emily Bronte seemed to be holding a lot pain and sorrow in. She lived in a poor family who lost three members, two sisters and her mother. Her father wrote and it looks like the family wrote emotions and feelings instead of expressing them. Emily liked a quiet secluded lifestyle and that is how she lived. She and her sisters went on with their lives and later on decided to all write books and publish them. Understandably they kept their gender a secret by using a male's name as the author. It was probably the smartest thing to do in their time period. After writing Wuthering Heights, Emily was even more secluded and isolated than before. She kept herself away. Her book didn't do very well and received a lot of criticism and bad reviews. Emily had something to say to the world and a later review showed that she was ahead of her generation. .
             The reviews that came out when the book first came out where downright negative and not interested in Wuthering Heights at all. The emotion and feeling's in the book were beyond the generation that Emily lived in and maybe that is why she stayed so secluded. Her thoughts and ideas were too advanced for her peers. The power of the book probably overtook the reviewer and left them without any thoughts on the book so they made negative comments about something they didn't understand. Most of the time people choose books to take them out of their lives.

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