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Communist Environmentalism

            Communism, at its most idealistic base, is a contingent of gown up responsible people that have free access to information and can therefore self govern, except for the transitional period required for the establishment of the required infrastructure. In this light, it would seem that communist countries would be on the forefront of environmental progress, for they are on a path to establishing a constant of civilization, in which an ecosystem integrating human activity would of the most primary necessity. This paper will first establish the relationship between communism and environmentalism by considering the Communist Manifesto and its close relation to environmentalist ideal. Cuba, our closest and predominant "communist threat,"" will later be reviewed in an environmental prospective, and the causes for its environmental development addressed.
             Karl Marx set forth the fundamental proposition, which forms the nucleus of the Communist Manifesto: .
             that consequently the whole history of mankind (since the dissolution of primitive tribal society, holding land in common ownership) has been a history of class struggles, contests between exploiting and exploited, ruling and oppressed classes; that the history of these class struggles forms a series of evolutions in which, nowadays, a stage has been reached where the exploited and oppressed class-the proletariat-cannot attain its emancipation from the sway of the exploiting and ruling class-the bourgeoisie-without, at the same time, and once and for all, emancipating society at large from all exploitation, oppression, class distinctions, and class struggles. .
             When substituting the proletariat with the environment, and the bourgeoisie with the polluting industries, the correlation between class struggles and environmental struggles becomes much more clear. In a simple economic context, the now dominant, wealthy, bourgeoisie are indeed the polluting multinational corporations that produce all forms of "luxuries- at the expense of our environment, which remains the exploited proletariat.

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