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Greenpeace Around The Globe

             Greenpeace is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization with members in many nations around the globe. It organizes projects in underprivileged countries to help protect our environment to maintain suitable living conditions for human survival. One main goal of Greenpeace is to protect hazardous threats to the environment. Greenpeace started with a very small and insignificant group of activists. In 1971 this went aboard an antiquating ship to witness the nuclear weapons testing at Amchitka Island. For over 30 years Greenpeace has confronted many important environmental issues (Greenpeace International). Greenpeace is the leading campaigning organization in exposing environmental threats. These campaigns are set up around the world in order to prevent the destruction of our environment.
             One of the important campaigns in which Greenpeace is involved, is preventing further devastation of the world's remaining rainforests. Already, 80% of the world's rainforests have been destroyed. Now this organization is standing up to logging companies and any other vultures out to annihilate the rainforests that are left.

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