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Diary Of Deviance

             Only communicating with people you know is a social norm I break. Some feelings I feel are scared and exited. I also feel that it is important to talk to strangers for it is a norm that I feel does more to harm society then it does to help it. Some reactions of the strangers I talk to are surprise, for they did not expect anyone to talk to them on the bus or in the elevator. The sanction or consequence for talking to strangers was often just being ignored. My deviance has effects on the people around me as well as myself.
             There are many social norms that I have broken. I have stood the wrong way in the elevator and sang to fellow passengers. I offered a bite of my food to total strangers. I sing loudly in public. I walk backwards to school. I maintain long eye contact with people I pass walking around campus. I burst into laughter at mundane moments. I ask strangers odd favors like a ride home. I pick up hitchhikers. I invade the personal space of people I talk to. I talk to the man in the next urinal. I hug strangers. I carry groceries for people. I buy coffee for strangers. I hand out free money to strangers and I have most of this on video to prove it!.
             Some of the social norms I break are personal space. Everyone has an undefined and yet strict, invisible contract that enables them to their due space. Another social norm I frequently break is extended eye contact. In our society there is an unwritten code of conduct that informs us that eye contact should be brief. This social cognitive thought of long look is staring and its some thing bad has been a view we were. Since I am not brief with my eye contact people see it as staring. .
             I wish to tell more of the short term and long-term effects of being a deviant human being. Short term many things happen, the feeling I get when I am about to break a norm is a flow and a rush of adrenaline excitement. I get a natural high just thinking about executing the deviant act.

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