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Dual Vs Cooperative Federalism

            Compare Contrast and Define Dual and Cooperative federalism. What has been the trend in the practice of federalism since its inception? What has been the impact on the making and implementation of public policy?.
             In our nation's history a form of political theory in which the national government holds significant power has come into existence and evolved over time. It is called Federalism. In the federalist system state and local government have significant amounts of power, and also have a saw in the shaping of our national government. This federal system works well for a country such as America in which our size and diversity calls for a dynamic system such as the system in place. Federalism has evolved over time and can be classified into two major types, Dual and Cooperative Federalism. These two types are very different, and each system lends itself to specific goals. They have been crucial in both the making and implementation of public policy, and both have dominated political theory.
             In our nation's history the first brand of federalist thought was that of dual federalism, which granted the state and national government equal power and made each co-sovereign. This brand of federalism was most likely an offshoot of the political theory behind the articles of confederation that states should maintain their rights and not be subject to strict national control. In duel federalist theory certain part of the constitution are interpreted very strictly, and power is only given to the national government if it is explicitly said. This lends itself well to supporting states rights since the state government is co-sovereign, but also leads to disputes to who is in control. .
             A modified theory of federalism was needed to meet the needs of our government so another type, cooperative federalism was brought into the political spotlight. Cooperative federalism stresses the national government as the ruling body and his sovereign above the state government.

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