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Heart Disease

            Each year thousands of people die from coronary heart disease.
             which will take you by surprise suddenly. My husband, at the age of 34 nearly.
             died of a heart attack and is very lucky to have survived. Experiencing chest pain and .
             shortness of breath are two symptoms of heart disease. There are many reasons.
             that lead people to have heart attacks such as smoking, eating an unbalanced diet, and .
             leading a sedentary lifestyle . This disease can also be inherited genetically.
             My husband 34 years of age, nearly died of heart attack. In our thoughts he was .
             too young to have heart disease, but he proved us wrong. The age doesn't matter it can .
             happen to anyone. My husband walked from the sofa to the bathroom and began.
             to sweat profusely while holding his chest with pain. I walked in the house coming back .
             from the store and found him lying on the floor. I asked him what was wrong and why .
             he was on the floor? He replied telling me that he has pain in the chest and his body is .
             getting numb. Later he was in the hospital and we found out that he damaged part of his .
             aorta during the heart attack. He ended up having a double-by pass surgery, and the result .
             lead to many scars and bad memories. He never recovered after the incident emotionally .
             or physically. Because of his poor choices throughout his life he has not only dented his .
             future, he had also dampened some of our own expectations we had hoped to achieve. .
             Chest pain and shortness of breath are symptoms of heart attack. Very little.
             exertion of blood flow to and from the heart as needed also gives angina pain in .
             the neck. People with coronary heart disease must take several medications to ease the .
             pain and prevent future problems. Medication allows the cardiovascular system to remain .
             in a relaxed state so that blood flow is not restricted. Doctors prescribe medicine so that .
             people with heart related problems can lead a normal life. Regardless of what medication .

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