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Hinduism Vs Budhism

            Hinduism and Buddhism have there similarities and have there differences. Hinduism started from the Aryans and developed from there, Buddhism started some years later and became a practice. To call Buddhism a branch would not be correct but to call it similar would be correct. Hinduism and Buddhism both started from the ancient land of India, which at the time was a powerful country. As time went on Hinduism would originate by a group of people, and Buddhism would start from a Prince in India. Both religions will have similarities in there origin, beliefs, practices and spread. The Aryans just moved into a new land, and they would then start a religion, Gautama had left his castle, and would later begin a new religion. . The Aryans had moved from the Caspian Sea searching for new land, which they would later find. They had moved into the Ganges Plains which was an excellent area for farming raising cattle. By then the Aryans and others had began a religion. At the time, the Aryans did not have a written language, only the spoken language, Sanskrit, was official. As time went on, Sanskrit became a written language to. Hymns, poetry and sacred rules were written into many books which later became known as the Vedas. Hinduism had then been established. On the other hand, a Prince had been isolated from the world for years. One day he had escaped from his castle and came across many issues. He saw a poor man, ill man, dead man, and a monk. Noticing all these problems, Gautama, realized that the world was full of many problems. Gautama became a Buddha, after meditation and many other tasks, and started teaching Buddhism.
             Hinduism and Buddhism share some ideas about there beliefs. Hinduism, which is polytheistic, deals with a social system and many other Gods. The social system consist of five different groups: the Brahmans or priest, the Kshatrigas or warriors and rulers, the Vaisyas or common people, the Sudras or servants, and the Pariahs or slaves.

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