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Human Rights Peru

             I chose to do this report on Peru in light of the recent "Truth and Reconciliation Commission's report- that was made public on August 28, 2003. The Permanent Mission of Peru to the United Nations Office at Geneva addressed on the 13th of September 2001, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (letter attached) informing them on some changes and the formal implementation of this commission whose goal it is: .
             "to bring to light the process, events and responsibilities involved in the terrorist violence and violations of human rights which took place from May 1980 to November 2000, committed both by terrorist organizations and by State agents, and to propose initiatives to strengthen peace and harmony among Peruvians; That one of the essential aims of the Commission is to lay the foundations for a profound process of national reconciliation by shedding light on the facts and re-establishing justice."" .
             The Commission's report declares that the armed internal conflict of this 20 year period was the most intense, expanded and prolonged in the entire history of The Republic of Peru. 68,280 people died victims to violence, this estimate surpasses the amount of casualties Peru has ever had in external war and civil war combined, in its 182 years of independency according to the report. .
             Brief History/Record: .
             Peru is a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (Date of receipt of the instrument of ratification, 28 April 1978. Date of entry into force, 28 July 1978) its last report to the Human Rights Committee (its fourth periodic report) was due on April 9 1998 but was actually submitted on July 3 1998, the report was considered on the 23rd and 24th of October 2000. The Committees observations declare generally in its introductory statement that it " appreciates the delegation's willingness to establish a dialogue with it. However, it regrets the fact that the report does not contain relevant statistical data and does not deal adequately with the difficulties the State party encounters in implementing the Covenant- (Concluding observations by Human Rights Committee attached).

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