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Iago As Protaginist In Othello

             When reading Othello, society cannot help but to sympathize with The Moor. Othello was presented as a "Valiant soldier" and a husband totally enamored of his wife, Desdemona. At the end, Othello strangled his beloved wife because he believed she has slept with another man. Othello does not fall from grace in our minds because he kills Desdemona. He falls from grace because she's innocent and he has been tricked, and even then we still forgive him. Iago, on the other hand, was cast as a conniving villain whose life quest is to destroy the Moor. He doesn't simply plot against the moor for no reason; he is taking revenge for the wrongs done on to him. Why is there no compassion for Iago?.
             In the first act we learn that Iago participated in combat with Othello, and had expected to become Othello's lieutenant. Iago tells Rodrigo, "three great ones of the city, in personal suit to make me his lieutenant Nonsuits my mediators: for,"Certes," says he, "I have already chose my officer." One Michael Cassio, that never set a squadron on the field, nor the division of battle knows And I (of whom his eyes had seen the proof at Rhodes, at Cyprus, and on other grounds" (1.1.8-10, 16-17, 20-23, 28-29). Others also felt Iago should have been promoted; there were three people in high standing who spoke to Othello on his behalf. Further more, Othello chose Cassio as his right hand man, even though Cassio is not a solider but a scholar who has never been on the battlefield. Cassio had not proven himself in warfare as Iago has at Rhodes and Cyprus. There is no question that Iago merited the position.
             To rub salt in the wound Iago believed that his wife, Emilia, and Othello have been intimate. "And it is thought abroad that "twixt my sheets H"as done my office" (1.3.381-382). Still there is no catharsis for Iago because there is not enough proof to warrant it; Iago only has a suspicion.

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