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Il Postino

            The film Il Postino, directed by Brian Michael Radford, and nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Directing, Writing and Winner of Best Music in 1995. The poetic ingenious of the movie extends far beyond the normal boundaries of film. Il Postino is filled with many rich metaphors that show the true skill of writer of Antonio Skarmeta. Image, conversational, and poetic are three types of metaphors used in the film that portray the deep passion and suspense throughout the film. .
             Il Postino is an almost perfect gem that glows rather than shines, and draws out your heart. From the opening scene behind the credits, where a small boat flutters in the island's little fishing harbor against rosy reflected light from the dying day, the soothing mood cradles you in its soft paws and denies release while the cinematography spreads a soft amber across the screen, enhancing the mood. Neruda, an aging poet and communist, escapes from his native Chile to an arranged exile on a small Italian island. There, with a much younger companion, he does beautiful tangos on the patio and waits daily for mail from the outside world. His bicycling postman, Mario is new to the job. Behind his quiet slow-spoken manner, Mario's a cut above the local yokels - he can read and write, and his soul is burning for more than it's found in this simple place. He's shy and unassuming and dreams of a chance for love and romance, particularly with the village barmaid, Beatrice.
             Image metaphors are a symbolic part of the film because not only do they show the audience the metaphor but also it represents the emotional side of the metaphor. The foosball in the film is used as a metaphor. When Mario and Beatrice are in the bar and Beatrice motions to him to play a game of foosball, it was love at first site. There was no talking during this scene, a well-planned scene from the director. This lets us view the scene and take it for what its for and what it represents.

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