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Rocking Horse Resorts

             What is paradise? Well, according to Webster's Dictionary it is a place of bliss. One thing I want to know is what factors make any one place a paradise. A paradise varies from one person's eyes to another. Some people think paradise is somewhere like Hawaii. Another person can feel a state of bliss can be found in grandma's kitchen. To me, paradise is a place where I can forget everything on my mind sit back and simply free myself physically and intellectually. My personal paradise is a place in upstate New York called Rocking Horse Resorts.
             The first thing I noticed, when I arrived in Rocking Horse was the air. From the minute I step out of my car I can immediately tell that I am no longer in New York City. Each breath that I take when I am here is unforgettable. The air here is clean and crisp; in addition it carries a feeling of pure innocence. The air here has not been corrupted with heavy pollution from cars or factories. In a place of purity like this just taking in one breath is an experience for all five senses. The aromas of the many types of wild flowers, the tall evergreen trees, and the mist of the surrounding running water allows you not only to smell the freshness of the countryside, but to see and feel theses sensations as well. .
             In addition to the air at Rocking Horse, the lake is marvel of its own. When I go outside at sunrise and look at the lake from abroad it appears to be a sheet of glass. The reflection of the rising sun makes the water look golden and undisturbed. When the cool morning breeze of that brisk mountain air blows by, the water develops soft ripples that gracefully flow over its top in tranquil, yet irregular patterns. The water in this lake is so clean that you can drink from it. When I move closer to the lake and stand at its shoreline I can look straight down and see the bottom. I see an array of fish that are all different colors, shapes and sizes.

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