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Dada Vs. Surrealism

            What elements of dada and surrealism suggest the influence of Freud? The 20th Century marked a changed in how people viewed the known world. Since its beginning art has played a major role in how people were able to express themselves. The early 20th century brought rise to new and exciting art forms. These were types of writings, paintings and, documentaries that no one had ever seen before. From expressionism to Dadaism types of work ranged by all means of the artist. About the 1920's a new wave of art would soon be seen worlds over. This art form introduced psychology in a new way to look at the conscious and subconscious minds. From the beginning Dadaism and surrealism showed true signs of influence from psychology. Each using new ideas of the conscious and unconscious worlds in each art form. These ideas would come together and form a new revolution of art and science as one in the early 1920's. As the world opens a new door into the 20th century, the art world is taken by storm. The outbreak of World War I did not stop the creativeness of new century artist. They embraced the war and expressed how it made them feel. Padilla 2 During this time a revolution in psychology was coming to mind. Sigmund Freud was uncovering what we use our conscious and unconscious minds for. He wrote about how the unconscious drives of the mind governed the body. Freud also made it clear in his," Interpretation of Dreams", that dreams were significant to every individual. Since Freud was stirring up a new revolution in thinking artist all over the world were taking what he said to mind. These new forms of art or movements served as a changing time in the world's art forms. Many art forms have been introduced into our culture, but the two that made an impact all over the world is Dadaism and Surrealism. Each of these forms used a new approach at the world of art. As Freudian culture swept the world a group of artist intrigued by his work, called themselves Dada.

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