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Ireland Early 20th Century

            In order to understand Ireland's development in the 20th century, we must first look at its overall history. In this installment we will see the struggle of the Irish to regain control of their land and establish a government independent of British rule. While there is much conflict between the Irish peoples themselves, their struggle helps us to understand how far they have come in the 20th century alone and some of the conflicts that still exist today.
             The first invasion of Ireland by Britain is known as the Norman Invasion. This invasion occurred in 1169. The Irish clans battled Norman lords from Wales, the Irish were very persistent and spirited fighters but in the end King Henry II of England claimed Ireland as part of it's kingdom. The English established control of Ireland, with the exception of the Northern Province Ulster. For nearly four hundred years, Irish clans defended their last province under self-rule. The Irish had the advantage of rugged terrain; water, woods, and mountains that would provide an advantage to those familiar with it. By 1603 Gaelic chiefs were forced to surrender Ulster to English authority. Subsequently, all of Ireland was put under English law. (Wells 19). .
             Ulster was attractive to Presbyterian Scots and Anglican English colonists because it offered generous amounts of land. The native catholic Irish of the area were forced to the outlying areas and Protestants quickly became the majority. The native Irish saw these colonists as alien intruders who spoke a different language, had a different way of life, and most importantly a different religion. The Irish Catholics who originally inhabited the lands, mostly all peasant farmers, were dispossessed. In 1641 the Catholics staged an uprising and massacred a few Protestants, but the number was greatly exaggerated by England. To the Protestants the uprising was a symbol of Catholic brutality, hate, and an attempt to expel the colonists, they sought protection from Britain.

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