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Jane Austen

             In Jane Austen's books she is not only the official role, but also the narrator or commentator. She also has an active and controlling presence in her books. Austen presents a style that is fiction and is created out of naturalism. When you read the final product, the book seems real because most readers feel like they know Jane Austen. On the other hand, some readers feel she is a senseless and a very incomplete woman. Austen lived a lot of her dreams through her novels since they were based on observation of her family and friends. Her writing was filled by her total artistic command over her daily experiences ("Jane Austen-, British authors of the nineteenth century).
             Jane Austen was born on December 16, 1775 at Steventon, Hampshire, England. Her parents were the Reverend George and Cassandra Leigh Austen. She was the seventh of eight children. The Austen family was large and extremely poor. Austen's father provided for his family by farming and tutoring. He was also the parish clergyman and a classical scholar with a taste for fiction. Their home was larger than most homes at the time, but it did not seem large to such a big family ("Jane Austen-, British Women Writers). .
             Her parents sent her brothers Henry and James to a boarding school, where they later edited a literary periodical, The Loiterer. The Austens also sent Jane, six years old, and her sister Cassandra, nine years old, away to Oxford to attend school. The sisters later moved to Southampton in 1782. At the school in Southampton, both girls fell ill of a high fever. While still sick, they were sent to Madame Latourelle, who conducted The Abbey School of Reading. The sisters were not learning as much as they should have been so their parents took them out of the program, and decided to educate them themselves ("Jane Austen-, British Women Writers).
             The family loved many novels and read books all the time. That same love for novels was inside of Jane, and it showed when she began to write at age eleven.

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