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             Javacon is a small, Information Systems consulting firm located in Meridian, Louisiana. They have been hired to design and install a local area network (LAN) for the city of Meridian's social welfare agency. .
             Project Scope Statement: .
             Design and install a local area network within 1 month with a budget not to exceed $82,000 for the Meridian Social Service Agency.
             Javacon is under contract by the City of Meridian, LA to design and install a Local Area Network for the Social Services Agency. They are expected to install twenty functional workstations, servers with dual Pentium processors, two Hewlett-Packard laser jet network printers, and a fully operational local area network system in the Meridian Social Service Agency. They are also required to provide a 4-hour introductory instructional seminar to teach the new users about the usage of the LAN. The client network administrators are scheduled for sixteen hours of network administrator training following the installation of the LAN. Overall Javacon is being hired and paid to install a fully functional Local Area Network for the Social Services Agency in Meridian, Louisiana.
             Javacon is facing many risks in completing this project. They only have one month to complete this project and $82,000 to spend for the entire project. This opens the project up to many risks in meeting these objectives. .
             Identification of the Risks.
             The biggest risk is the workload. Since the workload is high, if one of the project team falls ill, the project could go into an unnecessary time delay. .
             Unavailability of hardware needed for the LAN. .
             Lack of applicable information on vital project topics. .
             "Father time- .
             Project scope too big. .
             Interference from other work performed in the Social Services Agency. .
             Mismatched team members and team problems. .
             Under budgeting the cost of the project.
             All of the risks have a possibility of causing the project to fail in the end.

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