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Jazz And Blues

            Rhythm and Blues: The Connection Between Them.
             The stylistic, rhythm and melodic relationships between blues and jazz, many people have the ability to plat an instrument whether is it by ear or actually reading music. Really studying music involves learning music theory and musical form. To understand music you must first know how the song is structured based on chords and rhythmic passages. Blues originated in Mississippi around the nineteenth century. Blues or "12-bar blues", as it is called, has a standard chord progression. The song never changes, but allows one to improvise. A soloist could play a solo using a blues scale consisting of seven notes and never stop.
             Jazz is the most significant and highly developed music by African Americans. Jazz has many different features such as rhythmic qualities like swing, blues or flatted notes, improvising, and techniques that differentiate the musicians. Swing is a style of Jazz that reminds me of a walking horse. Blues or flatted notes are notes that are lowered a half step. Instead of hearing major chords, the chords are actually minor sounding sad. Improvising is a soloist playing a solo off the top of his head not rehearsed at all. .
             Techniques used by trumpets are flutter tonguing, growling shakes, and different. The names associated with the birth of jazz are Buddy Bolden and Jellyroll Morton. Different forms of jazz are work songs, field hollers, Negro spirituals, gospel songs, ragtime, and blues. Louis Armstrong, was a profound trumpet player who shaped jazz into a beautiful art. Armstrong's ability to improvise, opened doors for new sounds and techniques in jazz. Armstrong is known for the invention of Triton substitution. He produced two generations of jazz singers including Mildred Bailey, Billie Holiday, Cab Calloway, Louis Jordan, and Nat "King" Cole. His trumpet descendents included Red Allen, Bunny Bergian, Hot Lips Page, and Miles Davis.

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