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JetBlue Company Information

            JetBlue is a low-fare, low-cost passenger airline that focuses on underserved markets and large metropolitan areas that have high average fares. JetBlue is based at New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport and has a west coast base in Long Beach, California near Los Angelas. The airline flies to 18 different cities within New York, California, Florida, Utah, Vermont, Louisiana, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington. Washington, DC and San Juan Puerto Rico are also flight destinations("Learn more: fact sheet", 2002).
             The fleet consists of 32 Airbus A-320s powered by. This is the only type of airplane that management wishes to use, and 100 more have been ordered for the next six years. All aircraft can hold 162 passengers in leather seats with a television at every seat ("Learn more: fact sheet", 2002).
             Inflight entertainment consists of 24 channels of LiveTV, an in-air satellite system by Direct TV that David Neeleman owns. However, it is not available for the New York to Puerto Rico flight ("Jet blue: flying", 2002). JetBlue has also teamed with Crunch Fitness International to create a Crunch Fitness Airplane Yoga Card to relax passengers without leaving their seats ("Have fun: crunch fitness", 2002). .
             To cut down on costs, there are no meals served on flights, but there are snacks and drinks. Acquiring a "paperless" cockpit cuts down on costs and speeds take-off time. Flights are booked online and all travel is ticketless. Those who fly often with JetBlue Airlines have the option to join the trueBlue Flight Gratitude program that is similar to competitor "frequent flyer miles" but instead uses a point system based on the length of the flight. 100 points equal one free round trip ("Jetblue: flying", 2002).
             Currently, there are 2,361 JetBlue employees. No union workers are employed with this company. Employee benefits range from six types of insurance, 401(k), profit-sharing, a stock purchase plan, paid vacation, and flight benefits.

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