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John D. Rockefeller

             Rockefeller of Standard Oil a Robber-Barron or was he a Captain of Industry. There have been split arguements over this matter; some people called Rockefeller a Captain of industry, because he earned his fortune through ingenuity and hard work. On the other hand, some believed that he was a Robber-Barron, In that they thought he was a ruthless man that used unjust means to make his fortune. Rockefeller goes down as a Captain of industry, because he was able to innovate industrial history with his ingenious strategies and at the same time he was able stay a noble person.
             As historian Allan Nevins wrote, "It is plain that the place Rockefeller holds in American Industrial history is that of a great innovator." Starting out with nothing, Rockefeller was able to build himself up to become the biggest industrial innovator of his time. Rockefeller found that the oil refining business was highly disorganized. Fortune was being made and lost overnight as the price of oil fluctuated. He thought the reason for this was from competition of thousands of other small producers and small refiners. Rockefeller had a vision of combination and order in his oil industry. He introduce a new organization that would change the course of his company and industrial history. To end his competition he started to slowly buy out some of the small producers and refiners. One strategy that he used, which brought hatred upon him, was the rebate on freight charges. This made his oil cheaper to transport and at the same time he would know were all the destinations of all his competitors" shipments. As a result he was able to buy out all but five companies in Cleveland. This may have been one of the bad side of Rockefeller, but it was a brilliant strategy that manipulated the Industry and recieve what he had been working for. Not everyone in history achieves great fortune without cheating a little.

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