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La Times

            This paper will explore a large metropolitan newspaper, The Los Angeles Times.
             The objective will be to provide the reader with an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes, who the persons are that are responsible for the paper, and how the newspaper is supported. The sports section, which is within the LA Times, will be discussed and examined. It is the most widely read section of the LA Times and is read internationally. The main focus will be on NBA articles. Because basketball is one of the most popular sports in America it is covered quite frequently in the LA Times. This paper will take an in-depth look at the history of the newspaper, the stages of making the paper, funding, types of reporters, types of sports covered, different leagues, the stories, photographers and finally sports page advertisements. All of these topics that will be covered are a daily part of the newspaper and contribute to the information that readers consume through the LA Times.
             Today, the LA Times ranks as the largest metropolitan daily newspaper in the country. The history of this newspaper has contributed to its great success. The newspaper published its first edition on December 4, 1881.1 It was started by Nathan Cole, Jr. and Thomas Gardiner . At that time the newspaper was printed by the Mirror Printing office, which was later bought out by Henry Gray Otis creating the Times-Mirror Company.2 As the city of Los Angeles grew so did The Times. The Times editorial department is one of the most formidable in the world with 23 foreign, 9 national, five California and six regional bureaus, and is also the largest news gathering operation in California. The Times" numerous journalism awards include 27 Pulitzer Prizes, four of which are gold medals for public service.3 The LA Times takes great pride in composing and putting together an award winning newspaper.
             There are several stages involved in putting the LA Times together.

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