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Birthdays in Romania

             I know your birthday is coming soon.I will not say "Happy birthday",because I hope we will talk still then.But I know you will probably have a party.You are 14 years old,now.Well,I want to tell you some ideas for a party.I don't know how parties are in U.S.A., but I know how they are here,in Romania.I hope you will like my ideas.
             Well.kids between 4 and 10 years old celebrate their brthdays at home,with a few friends or at McDonald's,which is a good place for organising a birthday party for their age. Between 11 and 14 years,kids start to have birthday parties at discos and restaurants or at home,with more friends.
             There are big parties when children celebrate their 14th anniversary.They invite many people,the closest friends,their family and they have special parties.They dance,they play games, they have competitions and they can celebrate their birthdays at discos like "Conti","Blue Night" and many others.These parties usually start in the afternoon and they finish late,in the evening. .
             Children of about 14-18 years old celebrate their birthdays with deejays,dance,music and they are very expensive for the parents.These parties can be organised in a disco or in a restaurant.They can start in the evening and finish late at night.
             The big birthdays in Romania are the 18th.Then,you can follow your own way in life and you're not longer forced by your parents to do some things you don't like.People who are between 20-50 years old celebrate their birthdays with a few friends and they invite them at home,where they can eat,drink,listen to music and talk about their lives.
             These are the birthday parties in Romania.If you liked them,you can try at your birthday.Bye!Write you soon!.

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