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King David Biography (short)

             David was born in 1085 BC in Bethlehem. He was the great grandson of Boaz and Ruth and the youngest of the eight sons of Jesse. The history of David falls naturally into three periods. First, before his elevation to the throne, second his reign at Hebron and at Jerusalem, and third, his sin and last years. He first appears in sacred history as a shepherd lad. Samuel had been sent to anoint him in place of Saul, who God had rejected for disobedience. He earned the gratitude of Saul by playing the harp and was made an armor-bearer. One day David was sent with presents to the camp wear Saul was fighting the philistines. While there he volunteered with gods help to help slay philistine by defeating Goliath. Soon after, David earned the jealousy of Saul who, on two occasions attempted to kill him. After years of fighting battles and waging a fierce rivalry with Saul David went up to Hebron and claimed kingly power at the age of thirty. David ruled for seven and a half years over Juda alone where six sons were born to him: Amnon, Cheleab, Absalom, Adonias, Saphathia, and Jethraam. After many civil wars David gained rule over all of Jerusalem where he fell into the sins of adultery and murder which brought misfortune upon him and his people. After a year passed and David repented, he was embarrassed by his son Absalom so much he exiled him for three years. When he returned Absalom spent four years gathering a fallowing behind his fathers back and proclaimed himself king. David was forced to flee Jerusalem. There he gathered his forces and was able to defeat and kill Absalom at Manahaim, regaining the throne. David died at the age of seventy just after anointing Solomon his successor.

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