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Catcher In The Rye

            D Stalinger, there are many examples that symbolize and illustrate phoniness in our society. These examples show realistic events and scenarios of phoniness that play out in our day to day lives. The books viewpoints are demonstrated throughout many altering perspectives. From Holden's point of view, the whole world around him is phony and unrealistic, which differs from the actual phoniness that is unraveled throughout the novel, and lastly, an outlook of Holden being a phony himself. .
             One of the first instances of Holden pointing out phoniness, is when his roommate Stradlater barges into his room. At this time, Stradlater greets Ackley, and Holden responds with "He was at least a pretty friendly guy, Stradlater. It was partly a phony kind of friendly, but at least he always said hello to Ackley and all." (Page 26). Here is a prime example of Holden's standpoint on the world. Something as simple as saying Hello, can be misinterpreted as being unreal, and critiqued by Holden. Speaking to another human, and even greeting someone, should not genuinely mean that you are a superficial nor phony person. Another case of Holden's flawed interpretation of phoniness, is a completely random one. In one part of the novel's numerous instances where Holden is explaining his thoughts, he adds phony into the sentence here: "You never saw so many phonies in your life" (Page 126) as well as, "I spent the whole night necking with a terrible phony named Anne Louise Sherman."( Page 63). Despite Anne being phony or not, Holden labels her, because of his other anger in the paragraph. Therefore showing how phoniness acts as an element to Holden. It stands as an emblem of everything that is wrong in Holden's life or world, and in essence, making everything that is wrong, not genuine or phony.

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