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Legalizing Marijuana

            There has been a debate whether marijuana should be legalized or not for some time now. Some people believe it would be a good idea while others are completely against it. In this paper I will tell you the pros and cons to legalizing marijuana and why I believe it would be a good idea. .
             Just to set the record straight, I am not a user of this drug, but I feel strongly for legalizing it. What are the true harms of "pot"? Pot can damage the lungs and the brain, causing short term memory loss and even memory loss all together. Pot can cause paranoia and cause people to do things that they normally wouldn't do. Not to long ago, there was a commercial on television where a girl said she had sex with a guy at a party just because she had used pot. Personally, I know people who use this drug and think that is a load of crap. There is a belief that if you start using marijuana you will automatically start using all of the other drugs, which are worse for you and could lead to a life of addiction and crime. This could be true for some people, but is not generally the case for everybody. I think it depends on your personality, whether you have experimental or curios tendencies. Some people who are against it say that it is an addictive drug. The facts show that cigarettes are more addicting than marijuana, and are more harmful. Cigarettes cause cancer while marijuana is used to cure it. But yet, cigarettes are legal and can be sold at every corner store.
             There are many good reasons for legalizing this drug. Marijuana can have some very useful qualities. Marijuana has been proven useful for many medical reasons. Thirteen states have laws authorizing marijuana for therapeutic research programs, with Massachusetts being on of them. It has been used by a lot of doctors to 1) curb the sickness associated with chemotherapy, 2) help with the symptoms of glaucoma, 3) treatment for AIDS, and 4) treatment for multiple sclerosis.

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