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Love And Honor

             Jane Austen bases the film Sense and Sensibility on a novel in the early nineteenth century in England. The story begins, as Henry Dashwood lies dying. He is concerned about his daughters" income. Therefore, without money, the girls would have a hard time marrying. Mr. Dashwood makes his son, John, promise that he will provide for his sisters and his stepmother. John promises his father he will provide for them. However, in the end, with the help of his wife, Fanny, John dishonors his father's wishes and denies them anything but shame. This story is based on how the power of money changes the attitudes toward love, honor, decorum, and marriage.
             Elinor and Marianne fall in love. The Dashwood girls are extremely different in keeping their emotions a secret. Elinor secretly falls in love with a young man named Edward Ferras. However, she is cautious and unsure if he feels the same towards her. She does not reveal her true feelings of love, not even to her family, but her feels are hard to hide. On the other hand, Marianne is extremely emotional and allows everyone to know her feelings. Marianne falls in love with a young, attractive, and intelligent man named John Willoughby. It is love at first site for Marianne. Willoughby leads Marianne to believe he will marry her. The cautious Elinor tries to warn Marianne and explains what will happen if she reveals her feelings.
             Money proves to be more important than love and honor. As feelings begin to develop between Edward and Elinor, his family immediately sends him to London on business. Edward's family thinks Elinor is not good enough for him because she is virtually penniless. As luck would have it, Edward is actually secretly engaged to another young lady named Lucy Steele. Even Edward's family is unaware of his engagement to Ms. Steele. His family wants him to marry for money not love. Money seems to be more important to his family than his happiness.

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