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Love And Nature In Prometheus Unbound

            Love - the human characteristic that is above all others. It is what makes us cry, laugh, save, and destroy. Love is what gives us the most pleasure in life, what makes us happiest. Is there a universal notion of human love?.maybe/maybe not. Percey Shelley's notion of love transcends the human individual. He is absolutely committed to exemplary love. It is internal as well as external, something that can be voiced and felt. It is what causes the main character in Prometheus Unbound to overcome his internal and external struggles. Nature is the all-powerful force that shapes this universe. It is a power that the human mind can merely try to comprehend. Percey Shelley has an astounding grasp on nature that too, can be exemplified in Prometheus Unbound. By examining this brilliant and provocative poem, telling the tale of a struggle against the supreme powers (gods) of the universe, we can see the awesome power of love and nature and how far these forces can take the individual. .
             Percey Shelley believes, "love is a magnetic power that resides not only in man but in everything that exists in this world" (Baskiyar, 135). Love connects everything with every person, thing, existence in this universe. This is a very deep notion of love, that for many is very difficult to grasp. Shelley's belief in the Divine Love is the fuel that served as his inspiration for his writings. He believes that love is human nature, and that humans are born searching for this love, this completion of self that can only be defined from the depths of the internal human (136-139). This completion of the individual, which can be exemplified by the desire of a companion, a union of souls, can be looked as the yin and the yang. In a human representation of the yin and yang, both male and female are part of one another, and both male and female complete one another (Lussier). James Cousins supports this statement when he writes, "Asia is the inner and receptive aspect of one entity whose outer and executive aspect is Prometheus.

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