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Chemical Lithium

             I am an element in the periodic table of elements. My atomic number is 3, and my atomic mass is 6. I am between my brothers" hydrogen and sodium in the period table. I am a solid at room temperature and have a melting point of 453.69 K or 181 degrees Celsius, or 358 degrees Fahrenheit. I have a boiling point of 1620 K or 1342 degrees Celsius, or 2448 degrees Fahrenheit. Chemically I resemble my brother sodium because we have the same type of chemical behavior. I am a soft white shiny metal. I can also be easily cut with knife. I am also the lightest metal known. I am proud to say that when I burn in air I have the same brilliance as the magnesium flame. I need to be stored in liquid paraffin was so that I don't oxidize.
             I was born in 1817. My father was Johann August Arfvedson. He was a Swedish chemist. I was first isolated in 1855 by electrolysis. I do not occur naturally in nature because I have so many friends and I love to bond with them. Passing electricity through lithium chloride isolates me. .
             I am used in batteries, ceramics, enamels, glass, and lubricants used at high temperatures. I am also found in rocks, if you go outside and look for interesting rocks I am probably one of the elements inside. I am also found in mineral water, which you humans seem to think is good for you. When my friend potassium chloride and me combine we can be used to treat manic depression in humans. I can also combine with my other friend hydrogen to form lithium hydroxide and we are used in ventilator systems in spacecrafts, and we are used in submarines to catch our buddy carbon dioxide. I am also extremely important in nuclear reactions because I am the lightest metal known. I am also used in air conditioner systems. .
             As you can see I happen to be a very important element. I am used in so many everyday things that you humans need to survive. I am also used in a lot of extra special processes that scientists use.

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