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Marilyn Monroe

             Many young girls dream of growing up to become an idolized, beautiful, and sexy movie star. It is an even larger and distant goal to actually achieve this stardom. Marilyn Monroe not only obtained this, but also perfected it. In Hollywood there are stars, and then there are goddesses. Even though Marilyn Monroe experienced a tougher childhood than many, she grew into a Hollywood goddess, and her death still has many mysterious questions unanswered.
             Marilyn Monroe's mother was Gladys Baker. Gladys yearned for a popular job in show business during the jazz age, but she only received a nine-to-five job doing film splicing. She was also involved in affairs resulting in the unplanned pregnancy of her daughter, Norma Jeane (Goddess --). Norma Jeane was born at the Los Angeles General Hospital on June 1, 1926 (Noguchi 62). Gladys Baker named an explainable, yet false, father on Norma Jeane's birth certificate (Goddess --).
             Gladys Baker wanted to raise Norma Jeane herself, but could not handle the financial or emotional responsibilities of being a single parent. A majority of the time, Norma Jeane was in state custody. She lingered in and out of foster homes and orphanages. Gladys Baker was ultimately committed to an insane asylum in 1935, while Norma Jeane once again became property of the state. Norma Jeane was both mentally and sexually abused as a child. While in her loneliness, she always dreamed of becoming a Hollywood star (Goddess --).
             Norma Jeane's most stable foster home was with the McKee family. However, the McKee family did not want the responsibility of raising a fifteen-year-old teenager. Grace McKee gave Norma Jeane the option of marrying James Dougherty. Dougherty was the boy-next-door, and older than Norma Jeane. If she did not marry him, Norma Jeane would be placed back in an orphanage or foster home (Goddess --). .
             Upon turning sixteen, Norma Jeane was legally of age to marry Mr.

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