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You can get in Shape

             When people try to excercise, they often do not attain set hoals. This frustrates individuals who attempt to become physically fit. People try, and try though they never do get to that attainable height of athletecism. Individuals can accomplish their fitness goals. It takes hard work ethic. There is no need to become a gym rat either. To produce results in strength and endurance, just follow one of these examples of excercising: jogging, playing golf, or basketball.
             When playing basketball there are many physical demanding pressures put on the body, First, the caridovascular workout playing b-ball gives is unmatched in intensity. the heart begins to pump very hard and sweat pours out of the body. It definitely elevates the resting heart rate. Also, playing ball helps build strentgh in the lower body. It causes muscles, to swell, building the strength in them. In addition, playing basketball establishes great hand eye coordination. Having good hand to eye coordination ensures better edurance when shooting. When a person shoots the ball, it rotates. This rotation dictates the likelihood of the ball going in the hoop. If someone plays basketbal on weeks end they wil have noticed a difference in strength and endurance.
             A person can become physically fit if running excercise are chosen. The flexibility a person gains from running makes them feel healthier. Stretching is a part of running. An individual extends their knees and arcs their back in strethting excersises. They help with circulation and comfort under physical stress. The most exciting part of running is the fat burning that occurs. When running, the heart elevates its pump action. This speeds up the metabolsim system which is responsible for burining fat. This is the efficient way of losing weight. Lastly about running, it creates dedication through repetition. After weeks of running. An individual builds a discipline to continue to run.

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