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Military Discipline

             It dates back to Washington's time in 1775-76 when the Revolutionary War took Place to proclaim our freedom from the British. One particular thing which Washington's Army had in common with our modern Army today is discipline. .
             This is very important in order to keep our forces organized. A well disciplined army will always come out the victor in battle. Take a look at Hitler's Third Reich. His troops got disorganized from the lack of proper discipline and as a result the Third Reich fell. As the the old proverb goes, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall". Our Army today is a well organized fighting force and will always be with the proper kind of discipline which we have now. In today" Army we must move and train as a well disciplined army, because without such discipline no progress is made, no leadership becomes effective, and the final objective is lost.
             Usually we think of discipline in a negative way. But discipline is actually a positive value that protects us danger and destruction. The American Heritage Dictionary defines discipline as "training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement:" it also says it is a systematic method to obtain obedience.
             Discipline starts from within so it gives stability in time of rapid change. Part of a result of a disciplined life is that discipline helps a soldier avoid destructive behavior. Disciplined soldiers have a sharper sense of responsibility. They do not struggle against legitimate authority. And they do not find ways to avoid facing problems or difficulties.
             Discipline is one of America's core Army Values. Every soldier be it officer or enlisted, is evaluated on discipline, mental discipline to make good sound decision, physical discipline to endure the strain of long hours of hard work, and social discipline to live and behave within a community of strict standards.

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