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Milton Friedman

             One of the most distinguished and influential economist today is Milton Friedman.
             born in Brooklyn, New York, on July 31, 1912. After attending public elementary and secondary.
             schools he graduated from Rahway High School in 1928. Shortly after he received a scholarship.
             to Rutgers University, which is where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1932.
             ("Autobiography ."). Then Friedman received his PhD from Columbia right before becoming a.
             professor of ecomonics at Chicago in 1946. Through all this he has written a numerous amount.
             of books that express his economic views and has outstanding accomplishments to look back on. .
             One of his most profound accomplishments was receiving a Nobel Prize in economics in 1776.
             ("Autobiography ."). .
             In 1962 the book Capitalism and Freedom was published, his wife, Rose reworked a series.
             of lectures he gave at seminars throughout the 1950's to make up this book. The publishing of.
             this book was an extension of his liberal economic views. It shows a government that allows.
             individual rights while maintaining order, and that the only way this can be accomplished is.
             through capitalism and a free market economy (Capitalism and Freedom). Friedman writes that.
             the major function of the government is to protect the people and their freedom from enemies and.
             that he strongly believes in a limited government. With this he agreed with the seperation of.
             powers among the three different branches and that yes we needed a government but there where.
             many things the government had business doing (Capitalism and Freedom). A hands-off approach.
             to government interference in the private market shows that he is a traditional laissez-faire.
             liberalism. His belief in a limited government is supported by his desires to restrict the government.
             from the lives" of individuals, and are the concept of early liberalism found in the late eighteenth.
             and early nineteeth centuries. He also writes that political power would eventually corrupt every.

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