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Modern Marvel: The Cell Phone

             The way people communicate has changed dramatically in the past decade. During the nineties Americans started using cellular phones as a means of communication. Since then the cell phone has become far more popular and it has taken the role as a personal assistant as well as being a transportable phone. Cell phones have connected the world and provided a new convenience to their users. Anyone with a cell phone can now be reached whenever they need to be. Not only have cell phones become very popular, but also they have an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and features built inside. Also, Cell phones are also much more flexible then a normal land line because they have so many different payment options and calling plans. All these reasons have made these modern marvels commonplace within the United States. .
             Cell phones are very cost effective. Some plans are only as much as twenty dollars a month, which makes it so cheap that some families have a cell phone for every member of the house. Many college students have cell phones with free nationwide long distance, so they can talk to their friends and family at home without paying long distance rates. Companies now offer several phones to be on the same bill at once, and the phones have the flexibility to share minutes with another set of phones. A new trend emerging is disposable phones with a prepaid account. Anyone can buy these phones at a Verizon store and choose to refill the minutes or just toss the phone away when they are done talking. .
             A few years ago cell phones were little more than a convenient and practical communication device. Since then, things have changed. Cell phones now have the ability to operate on fully digital networks and have options such as web browsers and digital cameras built inside. I rely on my cell phone to be my alarm clock, an address book, and I even have my day planner inside my phone.

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