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Dr. Jerkyll And Mr. Hyde

             Utterson, a quiet, respectable lawyer and his relative Mr. Richard Enfield, taking a walk through a crowded street in London. On their way, they meet a mysterious cellar door which Mr. Enfield to report a strange experience that happened on this very street. At three o'clock one night, Mr. Enfield was coming through town when he saw a disfigured man, "a Juggernaut," cruelly trample an eight-year old girl (who was in the street because she was sent for a doctor) in the street. After punishing the man, Enfield, the doctor, and the family of the girl decides that, instead of sending for the police, they would blackmail the man to give a hundred pounds to the girlfamily. The mysterious man, later identified as Mr. Hyde, disappears behind the strange door that Utterson and Enfield originally encountered. He returned with ten pounds in gold and a check signed by a very respectable third party. Fearing that the check is a forgery, the doctor, Enfield, and the family force the man to stay with them until the banks open and he can cash the check. When the banks open, Enfield cashes the valid check, assuming Hyde has possession of the check because of blackmail. The man whose name was on the check was not revealed. At the end of Enfield's story, Utterson, under a great "weight of consideration" asks if the man used a key to get into the door. Enfield confirms this and the two swear never to speak of the incident again. .
             Chapter 2:.
             That evening, Mr. Utterson returned home and removes Dr. Jekyll's will, which had strange conditions. It provided that in the case of the death of Henry Jekyll, all possessions should slip back to the mysterious Edward Hyde. Even stranger, in case of the disappearance of Dr. Jekyll for three months, Edward Hyde should step into Henry Jekyll's shoes without delay. After considering the implications of the will with what he has learned about Edward Hyde, he sets off for the residence of Dr.

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