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Age Of Experimentation - The Twenties

            The Reactions That Made the 1920's Experiments Productive.
             The decade of the nineteen-twenties was an "age of experimentation" in a various number of ways. The twenties were characterized by excessive changes in the numerous aspects of American life. All of the revolutionary changes undertaken during this era were, for the most part, centered on having fun. Enjoying life became everyone's number one priority during the twenties; this can be seen with the numerous social changes that occurred during the decade. Women, in particular, played a great role in experimenting with many new socially questionable activities such as drinking. Prohibition was also important in shaping the new social, as well as cultural and economic, age of the nineteen-twenties. It helped bring about bootlegging, which led to the rise of gangsters and mobs. There were also many other new cultural pursuits brought about during the nineteen-twenties. An example would be the significant increase in the number of African Americans, as well as other immigrants through the twenties. As a result of an increase of blacks and immigrants, groups such as the Ku Klux Klan soon rapidly grew and became known. Another cultural pursuit throughout the nineteen-twenties was to rid immigrant Bolshevists that shed Americans with fear, from the U.S. The social and cultural aspects of the twenties mentioned, particularly prohibition, had drastic effects on the economy of the U.S. during the nineteen-twenties. The twenties was an age to experiment with new ideas and inventions, such as Henry Ford's successful automobiles. It was also an age when an abundant amount of Americans began to look into real estate to make a significant profit. However, as a result of drastic inflation, the balanced and earning economy of the U.S. was severely dwindled; there was an immense stock market crash towards the end of the decade. Also contributing to the U.

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