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Assyrian Essay

            The Assyrian people are individuals who date back thousands of years to the beginning of time. They have been through war, holocaust, prejudice oppression and an ongoing battle for freedom. Like any other nationality in the world, Assyrians deserve the right to have their voice heard in the government of their own country. With changes in government and society going on today in the country of Iraq, it is almost impossible to let an opportunity as great as this, go by unnoticed by our people. .
             After so many years of going along disregarded and insignificant, it is intensely important to have someone speak up to the new forming government of Iraq on behalf of the Assyrian people. If I were elected as the new Assyrian Representative of the New Governing Council of Iraq, there would be many steps that I would present to the governing council to ensure the rights of the Assyrian people. .
             The Assyrians are people that have been and still are highly respected for their church beliefs and systems. From having masses in Aramaic, the language of Jesus, to having ancient teachings from the bible, the Assyrian church is truly a wonder and something that should be preserved for generations to come. As Assyrian Representative, I would try my hardest to guarantee an establishment of Assyrian churches in many of the major cities of Iraq and fight for religious rights. With Iraq primarily being a Muslim country, it is hard to institute a long lasting church for our people. Tolerance for a religion other than the Muslim belief has not always been handled very well in Iraq. Religious prejudice and war in our native homeland has demolished our churches that had been standing for hundreds of years. However, if appointed representative, I would demand new forms of protection from the harmful acts toward the Assyrians and their belief systems. Something so sacred to the Assyrian people such as our churches should be taken care of so even our great grandchildren may be able to visit them one day.

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