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Mtv Is Bad

            Sluting out America one viewer at a time. MTV has been killing American standards and morals for years. We have conformed to its superficial reality, which ruins our personal individuality and creativity. The repetitive ideas of perfect bodies and clothes, force fed with a commercial appeal all effect us greatly. Could a television corporation be evil? In my speech I will explain why MTV might be evil, and why you should think twice before you veg out with MTV. After watching MTV for a while I realized that MTV is plain stupid, and probably kills brain cells. Watching MTV seems to have no educational or productive aspects. MTV can alter your personality and standards, by brain washing you in the stereotype you fiend to be. .
             You don't realize it but MTV has more power than you believe. What age group do you think the MTV network brainwashes. Just us college kids and teenie boppers? Wrong. Not only is MTV a channel it is a network, complying to all ages. MTV controls the young with Nickelodeon, generation x with MTV, and the older crouds with Vh1. MTV satisfies advertising agencies for all ages. MTV isn't just a harmless channel it's an Entertainment Corporation making huge amounts of money off us. Who knew? .
             This huge corperation was born in 1981 to Warner-Amex Satellite Entertanment Company, which felt that a body of young people were being ignored, and that a lot of money could be made. MTV appealed to its viewers by constantly televising popular singers and other role models. Each music video sublimenaly endorses many nonmaterial items, as well as material items. In music videos with popular singers, messages and images are promoted to every viewer. Videos increase an entertainer's popularity, thus promoting his/her record, producer, type of music, style of dance, and physical image. With the popularity of the artist, the viewer reacts by wanting to be just like the popular person.

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