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Breathe Right Strips

             CNS has brought a product internationally and is faced with the problems and marketing challenges that come with that. The following is the analysis of the problems, alternatives and recommendations. The major problem is that CNS's business strategy and objectives are not currently aligned with what they are doing with the Breathe Right product. Other problems that also have risen are barriers in current marketing strategies, advertising to only one smaller market of athletes, the licensing agreement with 3M has potential problems, the product may be seen as ugly, and CNS has given marketing and communication control to 3M.
             With these problems in mind, there are some alternatives that can be looked at to solve or help the problems. CNS can do nothing and leave it as it is, sell the product to 3M or another company and get back to sleep disorder diagnostic equipment full time, or they can modify their business objectives and strategies to continue with selling this product. If they continue to sell the product there are some alternative ideas on how to do it better. CNS can package the product for different users and market it to them individual; they can create a joint venture with sporting goods and/or medical products; or they diversify the product and markets to better reach the hot markets.
             With these major alternatives in mind the recommendation is made to re-evaluate the business strategy and objectives and keep selling the product with 3M. First of all the licensing contract will need to be looked at so that 3M is unable to steal the product idea and produce it themselves. Then advertise the product to the larger market of people who snore instead of mainly on athletes. Then evaluate the benefits of recreating the product into 3 different products for athletes, people whom snore and people with allergies. Look into the benefits of a joint venture to sell the product as a package deal along with product diversification to enter the hat markets.

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