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Nelly's Country Grammar

            I decided to do my CD review on a CD that I am very familiar with. The CD is Nelly's "Country Grammar". I have listened to this CD a lot, but until I actually had to analyze it did I realize how bad it is. Usually when I would listen to the CD, I would just listen to the music and the words would just kind of slip by me. But after listening to the CD I have realized that I, along with many other people, need to be more judgmental when listening to the music that I listen to.
             Overall, Nelly had put together a rather good CD. First of all, the CD is consistently good throughout the whole CD. There are not just a few good songs, but many. He has a good mix of different fast and slow rap songs. He has definitely put together a CD that is a lot more than just a one hit wonder CD.
             Nelly definitely is a good singer. The vocals that he has throughout his CD are definitely cool to listen too. He also has many different people on his CD, which gives his CD a wide variety of many different sounds of vocals.
             This CD was definitely a success, which is the reason that I probably bought it. Nelly has become a very popular singer; he has been on top of the charts many, many times. He has sold over 8 million copies of this CD alone. Three of the songs on this CD have been #1 singles for weeks. I would probably say that when a singer is popular, people typically seem to like their music better. Even if their music is not as good as someone's music who is not famous.
             I will have to say that the beat and rhythm on this CD is absolutely incredible. Every song has a different beat, and every one is good. Nelly is not like other singers who have the same type of music on their whole CD. Every song does not sound the same like other rappers. .
             Although Nelly does not use any instruments besides a keyboard, the music is still very good. Every song still does have a good tune and flows well.
             Nelly is very smart with his lyrics and how he gets them across.

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