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Gilgamesh Dealing With Emotions

             Humans cope with a variety of emotions all throughout one's lives until we meet death. Deep feelings arise especially when one feels vulnerable after rejection, a loss of a loved one, or when one becomes close to death. The story of Gilgamesh demonstrates the emotions of denial, anger, resentment, sadness, and vulnerability when one feels loss. How do humans cope with the different emotions that arise at unexpected times? How do we feel about hiding our true emotions and replacing them with a defense mechanism such as anger or enragement?.
             Ishtar, the goddess of love and war, is attracted to Gilgamesh's power, beauty, and wealth as she asks him to become her lover. She had a past history of having bad relationships with men and in return harming the men. She says to Gilgamesh, the king, "Come to me Gilgamesh, and be my bride-groom; grant me seed of your body, let me be your bride and you shall be my husband" (Gilgamesh 24). Gilgamesh knows of Ishtar's history of abusing her lovers and wisely rejects her invitation to making love or a commitment to a relationship. Ishtar feels a loss of an opportunity to become a king's wife. She feels rejected and refuses to become vulnerable to Gilgamesh. Instead of feeling the pain from the rejection, she wants to get an even revenge. In return, Ishtar goes to speak to her mighty father, Anu, a god of monarchs that is not known for his friendliness. He is able to put words into reality and as her father will help her defeat Gilgamesh. Ishtar went into a rage after being rejected by Gilgamesh. She went to visit her father and said," My father, Gilgamesh has heaped insults on me, he has told over all my abominable behaviour, my foul and hideous acts" (25). Her father, Anu, questioned her decision to argue with the king. Ishtar asked her father to kill and destroy Gilgamesh and his power as the king. She was seeking the ultimate revenge, death.

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