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Nigerian Economy

             If Nigerian economy were industrialized it may be possible to increase agricultural production and export, cut down on current imports and keep the country in a more democratic state.
             Since Nigeria is not an industrialized country it must import such things as machinery, chemicals, transportation eqiuipment, manufactured goods, food and live animals (EmulateMe, 1). With these items being imported there is a higher price. These higher prices cause people to be unable to afford food or other things they may need to survive. Along with cheaper prices on goods factories processing these goods would offer many jobs to Nigerian citizens giving them a steady income and the ability to purchase or commodity items that puts money back into their economy, thus making it a stronger economic country.
             The manufacturing of goods could also be used for export. Cars, farm equipment and other goods manufactured in Nigeria could be exported to country's who could not manufacture them themselves. This could prove to be a good source of economy giving the country extra money to help pay off many of the debts they owe to various countries. .
             Johnson 2.
             Money could also be used to develop more cities, better living conditions, better quality and more easily accessible transportation.
             With Nigeria being a largely agricultural nation the introduction of industrialization would benefit farmers (Almanac, 2). The ability to produce domestic farm equipment would save farmers money. If more people could access this equipment crops could be grown easier and in better surplus leaving some of the crop to be sold off and some to be kept by the farmers for a food source. More crop production means more exports and more money coming into the country. The ability to domestically grow more food means that it's possible for Nigeria to decrease basic food imports, which will also save money for all(EmulateMe, 1).
             A better-developed economy with an industrial side will also take some of the burden from the petroleum-based economy of today.

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