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Online Recruiting: The Wave Of The Future?

             With more than 1 billion Web pages and some 28, 500 job-posting services, a vast number of job seekers are posting their resumes online (Useem,1999). Moreover, a vast number of companies are listing their job openings online. In today's job market, companies are turning towards a new hiring method, online recruiting, to recruit potential employees. By using online recruiting to hire talented employees, companies can gain many advantages over the use of the traditional method. .
             Online recruiting is the way of the future. We, the "A- Team, are a consulting firm located in the greater New Orleans area, and we are composed of Human Resource consultants and analysts. We specialize in helping Human Resource departments of companies' incorporate new recruiting methods into their hiring processes in order to attract potential employees. .
             The purpose of this report is to inform you, the Human Resource Department of HECTB, about the benefits of online recruiting and placing job openings on a career Web site. We will explain the financial benefits of online recruiting and provide solutions to attract talented employees. From this report, you will be able to evaluate the benefits of online recruiting as compared to the traditional method and become aware of how it can aid your company.
             As we enter a new technological era, the Internet, a superior communications tool, is being used to aid employers in their hiring processes. By using the Internet as a recruiting tool, they are starting to see the advantages of online recruiting. As a powerful communication medium, the Internet can aid in reducing time, lowering costs, and hiring top talent. With these benefits, many companies can now enjoy the ease of the hiring process and gain global exposure. Besides companies, many college graduates and entry-level employees post their resumes to an employer's Web site. Online recruiting makes it easier for both employers and employees because of the instantaneous response that both parties get.

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