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Operating An Airport

            There is no doubt that it's hard to overestimate all the importance of proper functioning of a contemporary airport, no matter whether it is a local airport or an international one. Any person who has ever used the services of aircraft companies and had an opportunity to observe common procedures and processes that usually occur inside and outside the terminals while waiting for the flight will agree with this fact without hesitation. Taking into account the fact that every international airport usually has several hundred departure and arrival flights per day, it's possible to imagine what a high level of accuracy is needed in order to make this system function properly, without delays and mistakes, for a mistake in this situation can be a risk of human lives. Recent tragic events caused by terrorist attacks show that there is still a lot to be done to improve the system in order to make it perfect.
             An airport can be viewed as a complex multi-level mechanism, proper functioning of which depends on correct work of its sub-mechanisms, which in their turn divide in their own mechanisms. As in any mechanism, malfunction of one detail can halt the work of the whole system, that's why it is significantly important to dispatch and monitor all the processes that take place in an airport, keeping them under severe control. This is where an airport operator's skills and knowledge comes into concern. To be able to handle such a large aircraft flow day and night, it would be impossible to work without reliable computer software and huge databases which will ensure strict and precise delivery of information. Even more important is to have a perfectly functioning plane tracking system. It is clear that in order to be able to operate such complicated equipment special training with personnel must be conducted on a continuous basis. .
             It is natural that in order to maintain the needed level of safety and accuracy in operating an airport, it needs to be adequately financed.

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