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Organ Donation

             Do you believe in organ donation? I do. I know it is not a very good topic to talk about because donating an organ means death. Someone must die, in order for the person the doctors are trying to save to live. No one likes to talk about death, but let's face it, we will all die eventually so why let our organs be wasted? There are many patients waiting for organs in the US. These people may be anybody, a child, a fireman, a doctor, a teacher. However, many will die because there are not enough organs available to save everyone. Imagine a little child who did not even get his chance to see the world dying because there is no liver or kidney available and his are not functioning. Why are there so few organ donors? There are a number of reasons. The purpose of this paper is to persuade you to become an organ donor. .
             The first reason why there are so few organ donors is because many people don't know what it actually means to be an organ donor or do not know that it is possible to become one. There is not much information about organ donation out there. For example, when I got my drivers license, I was only asked if I wanted to become an organ donor. No one explained to me what it actually meant. An organ donor is someone who has previously singed to allow to donate his or her organs after death. Organ donations are usually taken from victims of motor vehicle accidents, gun shot wounds, strokes or major head injury. Organs that can be donated are heart, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas and intestines. Also tissues such as skin, bone, and ligaments can be donated. I think if more people knew about organ donation, they would do it. .
             The second reason why people do not want to become an organ donor is because they are afraid. One of the most common reasons for objecting to organ donation is a belief that doctors will not try to save one's life if they are aware he or she is an organ donor.

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