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Othello - Staging Paper

             Throughout William Shakespeare's infamous play Othello, it is evident to the reader that it is a tale of passion, ego, deceit, and betrayal. In scene three of act three, a confrontation occurs between Othello and Iago concerning the promiscuity of Othello's wife, Desdemona. The scheming and conniving by Othello and Iago conjures an unbelievable web of lies in which Othello plans to entrap none other than the brave and honorable lieutenant Michael Cassio with his wife. Throughout the context of these lines, we are also left with the lingering implication of a same sex relationship between both Iago and Cassio. Although this scene is typically overlooked by readers, Shakespeare carefully positions this scene to emphasize the deeper relationship between Iago and Cassio. The director now has a dilemma on his hands. Should the scene be subtle, powerful, or potent? Should it be kept serious, or would it be more enjoyable to the audience if it were to be comical? It may be interpreted in several ways, yet choice decisions by the director can accentuate the homoeroticism found, making it into a more powerful scene. Each play has the capability to be reconfigured and manipulated by means of lighting, costuming, and acting to create an ambiance suitable to the likings of the director. Thus the director, through small, incremental adjustments, has the power to enhance, degenerate, or lighten any given scene if necessary. .
             The trouble in this scene arises when Iago enlightens Othello about Cassio's sexual dream regarding Desdemona. Othello learned, during their association in warfare, to value Iago's discipline and courage, nonetheless, Othello never questions the validity of Iago's testimony. Othello may have some doubts regarding Cassio integrity, but he does not harbor the least suspicion of his wife's virtue. As Iago digs deeper into the erotic dream, providing Othello with more explicit detail, Othello seizes on the opportunity of pouring into his mind a suspicion.

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