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Cognitive Aspects Of Advertising

            Advertising is very important in the world today. Advertising is one of the main instruments used to obtain the attention of consumers. Advertisements are used to persuade someone to use a product or to discourage the use of the product. The purpose of this paper is to tell how advertising makes a product remarkable or how it makes a person choose a product.
             Advertising is involved in selling all kinds of products, even those that are not good for you. In an article by Michael E. Dunn and Randy M. Yniguez entitled "Experimental Demonstration of the Influence of Alcohol Advertising on the Activation of Alcohol Expectancies in Memory Among Fourth- and Fifth- Grade Children," the authors are trying to prove that the exposure to drinking alcohol advertisements may promote heavier drinking among children by influencing the activation of expectancies in memory. They also discuss how alcohol advertising has been influential in the drinking behavior of children. .
             In their experiment, the participants were drawn from four elementary schools in a Central Florida county, which came to a total of 551 children. These fourth and fifth grade children were randomly assigned to the experimental or control groups. The experimenters used five beer commercials in the experimental group and five soft drink commercials with the control group. The beer commercials that were shown were chosen from those commercials shown during weekend daytime hours because that is the time when most children watch television. The beer commercials consisted of party atmospheres and intimate or interpersonal situations. The students also received questionnaires dealing with age, grade, sex, ethnicity, and they were also asked questions like "How often do you drink alcohol?" and "How much did you .
             have the last few times you drank?" The students were also asked to rate the effectiveness after each commercial with one being not effective and five being very effective.

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