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Effect Of Setting On Recreational Activities

             Outdoor recreation has become prevalent in this fast paced environment that citizens now live. For many, outdoor adventures and expeditions are now taken as hobbies and favourite pastimes. Man has unleashed many new idealistic atmospheres on earth that people now choose to spend more time exploring. Weather these environments occur naturally or require human interjection, the environment in which recreational activities occur, vary greatly, depending on the specific activity. For example, in the summer a body of water is likely to attract swimmers, sailors, and canoeists, and yet in the winter the same body of water is likely to attract people wanting to skate, ice fish, and snowmobile. Ideal conditions must be present in order for such activities to take place. Similarly a site's ability to provide a favourable recreational experience is based on how well the facilities administration operates. Two adoring places would be Fort William Historical Park and Kamview Ski Area. Both locations are found in the breathtaking region of Northern Ontario where wildlife reigns and nature is superior. Each location is able to provide the visitor with a completely unique experience. Fort William offers visitors an educational experience through, an interactive re-enactment of life during the fur trade in 1815, and various other programs implemented to attract tourists. While Kamview presents guests with 28 kilometres of groomed trails, which can be use for a wide variety of activities ranging from hiking, to mountain biking in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter. .
             Agency Background.
             Fort William Historical Park.
             The provincial government declared in 1971 it would take on a project to reconstruct Old Fort William. Unfortunately, the Canadian Pacific railway combined with the surrounding industrial and residential development made it impractical and far to costly to build on the original site.

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