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             Have you ever thought that if there were no drugs how the world would look like? How nice our societies would have been, and a lot many people would not have died because of drug addiction. Everybody knows that taking any kind of drug such as heroin, marijuana, alcohol etc. is a bad habit and is injurious to health, but still a lot of people could be seen using drugs every where. All parents want and try their best to keep their children away from drugs. Despite their entire efforts still one can see children getting into the bad and dangerous habit of taking drugs. As drugs have a very bad effect on health, once people start to use drugs they will have to face some serious health problems. For example, use of Cocaine has been the main cause of a number of medical problems, such as, heart failures, seizures, and strokes. There can be many causes for teenagers to start taking drugs, but the most important causes are, getting inspired after looking at the parents who take drugs, being pressurizes by the friends who take drugs, and to relive their stress. .
             Firstly, parents who take drugs in front of their children become the main reason for many children to also start using drugs. They get inspired by their own parents and think it to be something good and also start to take. For example, the parents have always been the ideal of the children and they always want and try to copy them. When they see their parents taking drugs they think it's something good and as they grew up they also start to do the same. The parents need to realize that sometimes teenagers are going to experiment in ways their elders do. Its is very important for the parents that if at all, they have this bad habit they show avoid taking it in front of their teen age children. Try to make the teenagers understand the damages one can have because of taking drugs. If your child shows the desire to take drugs, don't come down too hard on him or her as it might actually increase their desire to have it.


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