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The Asante Golden Stool

            The "Golden Stool" is considered a social charter among the Asante and it is also a unifying force in their society. The stool is described as a social charter because the soul of the nation is in it. It was the job of the people to observe and respect it. The stool is believed to have fallen from the sky onto the lap of the king who was the first king of the Asante, Osei Bonsu. It was proclaimed by the Fetish Priest that the golden stool was the soul of the new nation. With the stool all the Asante were considered equals, but the king was first among equals. The Golden stool was at the center of the life of the Asante. The stool was never allowed to touch the earth. No one was ever allowed to sit in it, not even the king. When a new king is coronated, they carry him over the stool, but he never touches it. .
             I consider the "Golden Stool" and how it is the unifying force of the Asante, which is very similar to the Constitution. In the United States we believe that all men are created equal, the soul of our nation rests in the Constitution. These things are very similar to what the Asante believe about their "Golden Stool". If any one were to disrespect the Constitution, it would be very bad for that person because they are taking the document that created this nation and shaming it. This is similar to what Andrika did when he created a copy of the "Golden Stool" because he gave away the original and his sister demanded that he get a new one. .
             The Asante considered Muslims and Christians equals because there were similar beliefs in the two religions. The "Golden Stool" also acts as an equalizer, because under the stool all people are equal. The Asante had relations with both Christians and Muslims; The Christians were the British and others. The Muslims were from neighboring tribes who were converted by Muslims. The Asante did not discriminate between the two; it did not favor one over the other.

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